"It doesn't matter who you are or what
you do... just enjoy my music and enjoy me.
That's why I'm here!"- Jane Powell

Photo Gallery

Modern Day Jane -- (click for larger image)>>

Jane Powell
Jane L Powell in high school

<<-- This is me in high school!

An outdoor concert in 1982. -->>

Jane L. Powell 1982 outdoor concert
1981 Jane L. Powell and Company

<<-- The 1981 version of "Jane Powell & Company" with Wes Crawford and Michael Furey.

This was my mid-1980's promo shot. Times have changed. -->>

Jane L. Powell and brick photo

<<-- Here I am with sax player Ziad Rabie. He played for me from 1984-1989 and was always acting a fool!

This is my dad with his favorite photo. -->>

Jane L. Powell's dad Eddie with photo
Jane L. Powell Songs From the Heart

<<-- Here is my promo photo from 1983.

While working on a cruise ship in the 1990's, several of us started a program to supply shoes to needy people in Honduras. -->>

Jane L. Powell visit to Honduras
Movie makeup for Jane L. Powell filming The Bachelor

<<-- This was my dressing room while filming "The Bachelor" in 1998.

Here I am in the studio recording my song for "The Bachelor". -->>

Jane L. Powell recording song track for The Bachelor
Jane L. Powell with actor Brad Garret

<<-- This is me with actor Brad Garrett.


Jane Powell